The Holiday Shopping Season Is Here ! Essay

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Pumpkin spice lattes.

Jingle bells.

And cool weather.

Yes, the 2016 holiday shopping season is here!

Consumers are gearing up to buy family and friends unforgettable gifts. But before they head to the checkout, more than 50% of buyers will conduct research online for their holiday shopping needs.

Because people don’t want to purchase just any gift. Consumers will hunt for the latest products at the best price.

Comparison shopping is like a holiday tradition. Store owners shouldn’t dread it. Rather, prepare your team to market specific information to persuade buyers.

Help potential customers as they compare products. And give them a reason to choose your brand over competitors.
The Best Option
Holiday buyers are spending countless hours searching for gifts for their loved ones. They want the perfect gift to fit their limited budgets.

For shoppers, bargain hunting is an enjoyable neurological event. A research team discovered that “when they showed one of the study’s subjects a desirable object for sale, the pleasure center, or nucleus ambens, in the subject’s brain lit up.”

The joy of shopping is not only about buying something we like, but also centers around how much we like it compared to what retailers charge us for it. And that’s where the opportunity lies for your ecommerce store.

On the quest to find the perfect gift, shoppers will compare your product offers to every competitor on the market. So, do the heavy lifting by differentiating your…

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