Essay on The Holiday Shopping Season Has Arrived !

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The holiday shopping season has arrived!

Shoppers want to buy the best gifts for their loved ones without breaking any penny banks. Despite consumers’ frugality, the average holiday spending per person is $805.65.

Don’t let the major retailers garner all the consumer’s attention. The Black Friday frenzy is an opportunity for bloggers to build brand awareness, grow readership, and make some extra cash.

Prepare for one of the busiest shopping days. Below are four strategies to help you.
1. Create Lists of Top Deals
During the holidays, most buyers are rushing to check off items on their gift lists. Not only do they have to juggle their normal routines, shoppers want to actually research the products and services they will buy.

But there’s one major issue: time. It takes several hours to find the perfect gift. Between work, household chores, and kids, consumers don’t have the time and energy to proactively examine each and every service.

So, that’s where bloggers can help. Do the legwork for your readers. Research brands to learn which ones offer the best products with the highest quality.

Be sure to stick to top deals in your niche. For example, if you’re a travel blogger, locate airline or hotel discounts.

Then, write about your findings using a list format. People love lists because they are easy-to-read and don’t require a deep read to gather information.

The Krazy Coupon Lady is a blog that teaches consumers extreme couponing strategies. In the example below,…

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