The Fundamental Elements Of Nursing Essay

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The fundamental elements of nursing are caring for the health of human beings, assisting them in identifying and meeting their needs, and providing education that is adapted sensitively to the individual, their families, and the community. Pillars of this relationship are trust, respect, and compassion. In my opinion one of the most important roles that a nurse plays is that of the patient 's advocate. Nurses spend more time with our patients than anybody else in the medical field; it is our responsibility to honor our patient 's needs and act judiciously on their behalf. Why do you want to become an advanced practice nurse? Becoming a nurse practitioner would provide me with the opportunity to markedly expand my practice as a nurse and to further encourage the mental wellness of my patients. Nursing wisdom coupled with the advanced medical and psychological assessment skills that are attained during graduate work affords this profession with a unique and valuable knowledge base. In both my home state and where I currently reside this degree will allow me to work independently from a physician and to have prescribing privileges. At this point in my career I feel ready to take on the challenge of gaining autonomy and look forward to the fulfillment that will accompany it.

The talents, aptitudes and strengths I possess that will positively contribute to a career in nursing are empathy, a calm and rational demeanor, and a passion for continuously improving my knowledge…

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