Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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My Reasons On Wanting To Be A Registered Nurse
There are many reasons to why I want to become a Registered Nurse. First, a lot of my relatives are nurses, by me following that tradition it would make me happy. Secondly, I like helping others in any way I possibly can. Last, me becoming a registered nurse will make me more aware of good and bad health, in that way I will be able to care for myself better and other lives better. Furthermore, becoming a Registered Nurse will help me in many ways in life.
More Reasons About Why I Chose This Career
I chose this career of becoming a Registered Nurse because it hurts me to see sick patients in the bed just looking helpless, tired, and them just feeling ashamed of where they are at. In hopes of me becoming a nurse, I would want to make it a happy environment for them. I say this because in the world we live in today, some nurses and doctors do not care for the patients, what I mean is that
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In a research, Anglia Ruskin reported that people who study psychology prepare themselves with many jobs in both the mental health industry and in business and educational settings. (Anglia Ruskin University, U.K). Basically this means that some people are smart about what they choose to be. All four of these benefits, relate in the nursing field. They relate to nursing by it having to deal with knowing how to talk and treat patients in a nice way, like talking to them in a nice tone, read to them, sing to them could bring a smile to their face, and since nursing is a high paying job, most people focus on that. In order to meet this field, psychologists had to work in diverse contexts and specialize in many subfields. In chapter 1 figure 1.1 it shows percentages of how psychologists work and their area of specialization. The Brain And

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