Nursing Essay My Dream Job

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Nursing¬ is the nation’s largest health care profession. According to the American Association of colleges of nursing, there are more than 3.1 million Registered Nurses (RNs) nationwide. Of all licensed RNs, 84.8 percent are employed in Nursing. Nursing is among the highest paying occupations that employ a large number of people. Nearly fifty eight percent of RNs worked in general medical and surgical hospitals where RN salaries averaged 66,700 dollars per year. A registered nurse always has a choice to get a university degree with bachelors in nursing, masters or PhD according to his/her interest. The job that interests me is nursing because there is a variability of roles of a nurse, nursing has different benefits, and it is my dream job. The first reason I am interested in nursing is the variability of the roles of a nurse. Nurses have different roles in the community, and they have many options to work as they want either …show more content…
There are different benefits of choosing nursing. Nursing is one of the largest professions with a large job scope. There is no geographic barrier for nurses to get a job. Hence, it is not required to live in the big city to work. Besides that, nurses can do both clinical and non-clinical work. If someone is not comfortable in hospitals he/she can work in other fields like teaching, communication, and client advocate. In addition, the payment nurses get, makes nursing more attractive. There are great salaries, according to the job categories, so it would be easier to pay for one’s expenses. Another advantage of this career is nurses can help their families by providing basic treatment in need and using precautions about health. Unlike other jobs, nurses have flexible schedules which help them to work according to their time choosing day or night shifts, weekends or weekdays, or as many hours as they want. Therefore, they can make time for their families and

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