Essay The Existence Of A Good God And Evil

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The question of the existence of a good God and evil is by far the most important problem for philosophical, religious, and moral consideration. These two contradicting arguments have been postulated by many philosophers like Richard Dawkins, William Rowe…etc. Though the intrinsic presence of suffering is the most obvious feature that determines the character of the existence or non-existence of God, it is an empirical fact, and the truth or falsity of these facts can only be established by observations and experiments relating to the real world. It would seem that the best arguments against the nonexistence of God is based on the logical argument of evil in the world and the attributes of an all- powerful, all knowing and all good God. Most often this notion is disproved by contradictions in one of the three “All” affirmations. According to William Rowe the evidential problem of evil which argues on the types and amount of evil in our world is a strong evidence against the existence of God. Other arguments evolve around the fact that the belief in a
Christian God is immoralbased on the idea of hell and the fact that evil exist when a Christian
God could stop it. These arguments and more form the premises of most arguments on the non- existence of a supreme being. My easy examinations of the fact of the possibility of the existence of a supreme being and why he allows evil.
Definition of Terms
An All PKG God – He is a supreme all - powerful, all knowing and all…

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