Cosmological Argument Research Paper

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The concept of religion and God has been around this universe since the beginning of humanity, and for some followers, they even believe that the beginning of the universe is a work of the God they worship. By 2010, 84% of the world’s population are believers and followers of certain religions, and most of those religions contain the concept of God. ( From well-known religions such as Hinduism and Christianity, to cult religions such as TOBY (Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth), which is a religion dedicated to the manifestation of magical concepts, there are countless number of religions in this world. However, despite the existence of innumerable different religions, none of those religions or any philosophical theories clearly …show more content…
There are only man-made assumptions to support the existence of God, and it is logically preposterous to argue about something without a clear proof or a certainty in the first place. Lack of evidence and many flaws in existing arguments does not clearly prove the existence of God, and therefore there is no God.

One of the major arguments that many philosophers including Thomas Aquinas use to argue for the existence of God is Cosmological Argument. However, Cosmological Argument is a groundless argument made up with uncertain and unproved assumptions, which does not prove anything about the existence of God and therefore God does not exist. According to Cosmological Argument, everything in this world affect one another like a cycle, and that the
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However, there are not enough efficient evidence to prove the existence of God, and even the existing arguments that support the existence of God has many flaws. Cosmological Argument and the definition of God only create more doubts about the existence of God, because of its uncertainty and inaccuracy in their arguments, and the spiritual experiences that many believers witnesses are proved to be a reaction of one’s brain and that it can be created through technology. Current religions and philosophical theories do not provide definite proves of the existence of God, and lack of evidence and many flaws in existing theories prove that there is no

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