God Allows Evil Essay

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I believe that God allows evil to exist for reasons that we do not understand, but I also believe that he was not the one who created it. I believe that God created man, and that man created evil. According to the bible, God The reason as to why God allows evil may never be known, but others have arrived at the conclusion that God must want to teach people a lesson. Another theory is that he literally cannot or will not do anything to stop evil from happening because he gave us free will. Regardless as to why he allows it to happen, the bible states that he will judge Earth’s inhabitants and he will at this time banish evil forever. This day is known as Judgement day in the Christian bible, and the purpose of it is to give humans another chance at eternal life. Adam and Eve lost their right to this when they sinned, and caused the rest of their descendants to sin and eventually die. …show more content…
Their argument is that if God really did exist (and he was a good/omnipotent God), then evil would not exist because he would not allow it to. These people are looking for answers as to why the cruelty and evil from events such the Crusades or the Holocaust were allowed to happen. Their argument comes from a place of compassion and justice for the victims of evil and cruelty (which eventually is all of us). This is a fair question that I believe deserves an answer.
A second criticism of God is based on natural evil, rather than moral evil. The definition of natural evil here is the existence of natural disasters, disease, and pain throughout the world. People claim that the universe should not contain these natural evils, and that they are indicators that the world is not perfect. Their question is “If God is perfect, why did he not create a perfect world”? Again, this is a valid argument that deserves an appropriate

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