On Being An Atheist: Article Analysis

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In 1968, author H. J. McCloskey wrote an article for the journal Question titled, On Being an Atheist. In the article, Mr. McCloskey examines and argues God’s existence (McCloskey, 1968). Overall, this essay will provide a viewpoint of the article. “The author, McCloskey,” criticized that there is not an absolute “proof” in the case of God, and should be avoided and abandoned. McCloskey refers to the arguments of “proof” as valid and important (McCloskey, 1968). However, this course provides the thought of nothing in life can be proven and accurate. In addition, it is possible to wrong with accuracy within anything. The presentation, Approaching the Question of God’s Existence, Mr. Foreman asked that individuals use an approach that is cumulative …show more content…
McCloskey. In the first argument, the “mere existence of the world constitutes no reason for believing in such a being” (McCloskey, 1968). In addition, many individuals question, where did “all things” come from and why. Authors Evans & Manis (2009) believe that things that are contingent, requires an answer from the existence (p. 69). However, there is no real reason why individuals exist nor is there an answer for why everything else in the world to exist. Evans & Manus (2009) argue that individuals are important, necessary, and exist, because of the contingent beings. The world and universe are necessary, because of the non-temporal form of the argument (Evans & Manus, 2009). In addition, Evans & Manus (2009) believe that the contingency of the things within the universe does not need to exist. This would include the sun, moon, stars, and even the universe itself. However, the universe does exist despite what is believed to be not necessary which is the definition of contingency. God was not created; therefore, He is not a contingent. God has always been existing despite of the objections of everything must have a cause of existence. If there is a cause for God’s existence, then there would not be a God as individuals know it. However, the creation of all things is powerful of the loving

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