The Environment Of A Classroom Essay

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The environment of a classroom is a very important factor in a child’s education and should include a variety of centers, equipment, and space. Ideally the classroom will provide the students with different learning tools and stimuli in an area that does not feel overcrowded or cluttered. Children should be provided with an environment that is not over crowded with too many students and not enough resources- something that can be difficult in certain school systems. Overall the indoor environment for learning is one of the most important aspects of a child’s educational experience. The class observed in this paper was located in Elon Elementary School. It was a class for 13 kindergartners and provided a variety of supplies for their education. The classroom was a nice size for the amount of children enrolled, no one was bumping into one another and each child seemed to have plenty of room to move around and complete work. The size was perfect for separating the classroom out into different learning areas. This is a good setup because it helps the child to focus on only the activity/station they are in at that moment. Like most kindergarten classrooms it had one entrance/exit and included a classroom bathroom, which was located in the back. This cut down on distractions since the students did not have to walk in front of the board or through learning centers to reach the bathroom. Also the door area was kept clear of clutter and would allow the students to safely exit in…

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