Early Eschool Classroom Observation

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Setting The school I observed was the Elementary School in Gray, Maine. This school is for Pre- kindergarten to second grade only . This particular school has only two floors. The front door has the door buzzer and on the inside is wheelchair accessible and , it has an elevator. The first and second grade are on the second floor and pre kindergarten and kindergarten are on the first floor.The classroom I observed was the kindergarten class, which had 24 children. The teacher ratio was 24 to one teacher and two assistant teachers. The size of the room is very wide and have enough room for children to move around. They are four different areas in this classroom the computer area, snack and arts and craft, playing area and reading …show more content…
8.For snack time was both healthy and unhealthy snacks.
(a) The unhealthy snacks, Muffins, doughut,s color-coded candy
(b) Thealthy snacks these were applesauce, graham crackers and cut up fruit.
9.For lunch they mix vegetables, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and the special unhealthy food of the day cheeseburger
10.Vending machine had junk food. Mrs. Johnson ( code name) took me to the cafeteria and the kitchen to observe nutrition and, introduced me to the cook Mrs. Brown (code name). The first thing I observed was they were posters of healthy and, unhealthy food displayed on the wall throughout the entire room. The Kitchen where the food is prepared is separate from the eating area. Mrs Brown (code name) explained to me the children do not have access to the kitchen. The meat products were labeled are from government-inspected sources.Mrs. Brown explained to me meat inspection is mandatory and is paid for with public funds, is to make sure the meat products are safe for the children to eat. Also, the meat products, fish, milk and eggs are refrigerated before use. The fruits and vegetables are given to the school by local farms. All the fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly with water prior to use. Water, milk, apple juice and, orange juice are the only drinks allowed for children to drink. Mrs. Brown further explained to that promoting health is the
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I had to use the door buzzer to be let in. Also, they is signing-in/signing-out tracks for all who enters and exits the facility. It includes name, contact number and, the purpose of the visit. The hallway, stairs, and exits are from obstacles that can cause injury to the children. In the classroom, they is the phone number for the poison center and, other emergency numbers are posted where they can be seen. They is exit door in the classroom. The fire extinguisher can be reached easily and Mrs. Johnson informed me that all the staff members know how to use them. Also, the smoke detector system is in very room the children spend time. It is mandatory for all teachers to be certified in first aid and CPR. The food is stored in resistant plastic containers and labeled in the draws and, out of the reach of children. They are window guards so that the children cannot climb out. I also, observed the things that are not safe for children. The window sills and woodwork had peering paints, cleaning supplies were not out of the reach of children and, the children are allowed to use sharp scissors. The playground equipment are age appropriate and, they were eight teachers monitoring the

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