The Effects Of Violent Video Games For Children

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To anyone who has realized how intense and aggressive video games we might think that the creators are out of their mind, because the prospect we see are bloody and an extremely violent. The video games such as “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield” give much to talk about. They are the most popular violent video games in the marketplace. These types of video games are being played by children under the age of eighteen. I was surprised when I found out that a preschooler was staying up at night to play those types of video games with his uncle. I read the game case and it said that must be played by people older than eighteen.These games have to be run by an adult because they contain too much violence for children. Now a days, playing video games has become a popular activity for children. They prefer to spend hours playing video games than going out to play at a park.
According to Laurie Lafortune, a social worker, she says that “young people learn from what they see in many ways, one if which is imitating”(Lafortune). If a child is watching violent actions for hours, his or her conduct is
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The regulation taken at this time should have been done before. However do these video games really make children violent or is just a myth? According to an article by New York Times, I says that “while violent video games may attribute to people behaving a little ruder, after playing, there are many different factors besides violent media that contribute to aggression"(O’connor). The comment says that videogames are not fully responsible for making aggressive children, although they are a bad contributors. Also the state argued that “ a juvenile’s brain has not fully matured enough to handle behavior control, and that the violence in the games could have a more lasting negative effect than it would for an

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