Do Video Games Cause Violent Behavior?

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Video games never have been the cause for violent behavior that led to criminal actions. Politicians have long been looking for an excuse as to the reason that many national tragedies happen such as many mass shootings. To blame these acts of violence on the sole act of playing video game would be just plain idiotic. Studies done have shown that while violent behavior has long been linked to aggression in children and teenagers, there has been no such evidence to link it to criminal behavior (Stifferlin). Politicians and ignorant people have used video games as a pretext for the actions of criminals who have caused nation wide tragedies. People like these have largely ignored other factors that could come into play when tragedies do occur. Factors such as how a kid was raised by their parents, violent messages sent by …show more content…
These retailers require id’s to identify the age of a person so there is no way of letting a minor buy the games themselves. So politicians need to find a new cause and blame for hateful acts. One big idea they state is that playing these video games leads to less empathy and desensitizes users. Many studies have been done regarding this notion of desensitizing users and they have proven it to be false. The study found that exposure to violence on screen had no influence on viewer empathy for victims of real violence (Ferguson). The biggest accusation they basically had against the effects of video games was proven false. Even though this was proven false politicians have still tried to restrict video games. In 2013 a bill was introduced that would ban the sale of video games to minors even though similar law in 2011. Congress stated that this ban would violate the people’s right to freedom of speech. Video Games do not and will not solely be the reason ever for the cause of many national tragedies and to say that they are is

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