Essay about The Effects Of Technology On The Classroom

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After Lo’s mom died in a car accident, he found comfort in the aspects of technology and was excited when he was admitted into the WIC. He found himself advancing rather quickly in the program and received a new teacher. She was young but had her master’s degree in computer studies education. J. J., a middle school classmate of Lo’s was also a student in the class. J.J. was not as excited about the class as Lo. His parents forced him to fill out the application and edited it for him. His parents thought he was going through a natural adolescent phase of having mood swings, friendless, and crying along in the dark at home. Although they had a bond from middle school, their friendship continued, but by their sophomore year they hardly even spoke to each other unless they were in a group together in class. As the school year went on, J.J. felt hated and detected the class was e-mailing each other and was excluded. He missed school regularly and when the school counselor set up an appointment with him, he didn’t come to school the day of the appointment. On the day of the appointment, Lo was bored in class so he started a web page making fun of students in the WIC program and falsely accusing them of passionate relationships with others students in the room. He went as far as describing J.J. as a having homosexual needs to other males in the class. Lo forwarded e-mails about the new web page to everyone in the class except for J.J. and the teacher. There students laughing…

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