The Effects Of Technology On The Classroom Essay

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Introduction Technology has changed tremendously over the past twenty years, and the world appears to be captivated by the outbreak of technology and its developments in the teaching field. Technology has altered and will change numerous ideas of teaching. The effects of technology in the classroom are connected to not to just the teachers but to the students as well. The classrooms need to stay lecture driven, but then again how will they if technology is involved. Cell phones should not be allowed in the classroom for the reasons of cheating, distractions, and texting.
Limited Learning
Technology possibly will have a harmful outcome of students learning capability in school, which can affect them to develop inadequate learning. According to Rosenberg (2012), “Given the rise of technology in the classroom, we are faced with a dilemma: Does technology provide our students with experience they need to succeed in the 21st century, or does it hinder them from developing value skills that are only attainable through human interaction?” The use of technology removes essential life skills, and get in the way of student’s ability to comprehend and suppress material in class. The brain is trained to input, information but the students never fully use their brain when relying on a cell phone. Cell phones do not give students accurate knowledge, it only lets them retain the information for a little period of time, until it is no longer beneficial to them. Once the student has used…

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