Essay about The Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults

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Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. All are successful men whose names have become recognizable worldwide. They all have made their fortunes in computer science and social networking websites. Billions of people use their inventions every day, and are essential to their daily life Technology and social media are becoming even more intertwined in our lives. Television shows, social networking websites, video games, and smartphones all combine to make the whirlwind of media that surrounds young adults 24/7, 365 days a year. 93% of young adults in the United States are daily users of the internet and social networking websites. Social media has become a key part in our everyday American culture. With millions of people using the internet almost 1/8 of the waking day, negative effects are evident. Daily exposure and use of the internet and social media can cause mental illnesses and unfavorable changes in personality in young adults. Including aggression, cyber bullying, body comparisons, and mental disorders like depression and narcissism. Limiting social media and screen time would be next to impossible, but with the average American spending almost 2 hours a day on the internet or in front of a screen, the health risks are beginning to add up.
The increased exposure to mass media violence and cruelty has progressively damaging effects on growing and developing minds. First-person shooter games are only one example of violence in the mass media and largely affect…

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