The Effects Of Physical Education On Schools Essay

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Although, physical education wasn’t offered in other public schools until 1855, the 1800s were an important time for the inclusion of physical education in schools across America. The round Hill School, a private school established in 1823 in Northampton, Massachusetts, was the first to include physical education as there part of the curriculum. In 1866 California was the first state to pass the law of requiring physical education twice a day in public schools. (Catherine Beecher, Diocletian Lewis, Edward Hitchcock, and Dudley Allen Sargent, were the early leaders in physical education.)( Murray Mitchell, pg16). In 1824 Catherine Beecher, founder of the Hartford Female Seminary, included calisthenics in her school’s curriculum and “was the first American to design a program of exercise for American children. In this current year of 2015, a few frequently questions that are usually asked by people are (“Do I have to offer health and physical education to all students?” and Yes, according to the implementation of the BEP, the Healthful Living Standard Course of Study, and G.S. 115C-81 (e1), healthful living should be offered to all students K-high school.) (public schools of North Carolina pg. 1). “How much physical activity should K-8 students receive?” and the answer was State Board Policy, HSP-S-000 states that appropriate amounts of recess and physical activity shall be provided for students. Physical activity required by this policy must involve physical exertion…

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