Fast Food In David Zinczenko's Don T Blame The Eater

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In “Don’t Blame the Eater,” David Zinczenko warns the consumer about the dangers of eating fast food because it is a main cause of childhood obesity. Zinczenko states that he can relate to the kids suing McDonald’s because as a kid he gained a lot of weight from eating fast food. Many children live in families where it is hard to get an affordable healthy meal when in a hurry and away from home. Many parents go for the cheaper options like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell because the drive through is easier and faster. He also goes on to say that these fast food chains tend to leave out the nutritional facts for the food they are selling. They don’t advertise the risks of eating their food or put the calorie information on …show more content…
It is very easy to take a side that wants the government to control what a child does at school because that is the only way we know that the children are in good hands when they get dropped off. Sending an eight-year-old child to school where they can choose to only eat French fries and ice cream is not the ideal situation, but that is where they must be taught to pick the healthy options too. Also, some people might argue that the fifty minutes to an hour of physical activity that students have in school might be the only exercise that they will get all day, but again I believe that it is the parent 's responsibility to get the child outside not the governments. I don’t think that physical education should be taken out of schools, but I do think that it should be more about having fun and taking a break from learning, and less about having physical tests to see who is out of shape. My little sister, Delani, is in eighth grade and has tried almost every kind of sport like dance, competitive swimming, and fencing but it turns out that sports are not something she loves to do. She would much rather read a book or play an instrument then be a part of an athletic team. Therefore, I think that people that are like her should not be tested on how fast they can run to see if they are overweight or not. Finally, although I believe that fast food should have healthier options or restrictions to what they can sell some readers may challenge my view insisting that the only people that eat at fast food restaurants are the ones that want to. The only people that get fast food are the ones that like it, and the people that don’t like the food don’t go there. I do agree that it is a choice to go to these places, but I think in order to prevent more health problems in the world the food chains should not be allowed to

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