The Effects Of Mental Illness On College Campuses

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the students who use counseling are new to mental health disorder often have additional challenges with transitioning to college or university life” (Douce, A. L. & Keeling, P.R. 2014, p.4). Many institutions are struggling to cope with the realization that mental illness is a bona-fide problem and there appears to be no end in sight on college campuses. Studies have concluded, “Students with higher test anxiety, lower academic self-efficacy, and less effective time management and use of study resources” (Kitzrow, A.M. 2003, p. 170). Help and Additional Resources

Today’s, college institutions are faced with a wide range of responsibilities and expectations from the stakeholders, staff and the community itself.
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Unfortunately, this concern isn’t going to disappear, due to the large number of people who may have mental health problems. The best solution to addressing this problem is, having the necessary resources available and finding ways to manage the growing concerns towards mental illness on campus. The problem is more common than once believed and now research is supporting, what has been known among psychologist for many years. However, despite the lack of conversation about mental illness on college campuses, the public is now ready to come forward and talk about the growing …show more content…
Additionally, 50 percent of them did not access mental health services and supports” (Crudo, D. & Gruttadaro, D. 2012, p. 8). Unfortunately, mental illness is here to stay, until institutions really prioritize and make the commitment to show they care about their student body, instead of the number of students enrolled on campus, problems will continue. All campuses equally share their own level of obstacles towards retention of students, funding and a long lengthy list of concerns. Mental health should be at the top of the priority list, if not problems will continue to persist and the potential for the next tragic event on some college campus is

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