Essay about The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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According to the Media Education Foundation, once a child reaches eighteen years of age, they have witnessed around 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders ( Our society loves entertainment and a large portion of this entertainment contains violence. Children constantly consume violent visuals, due to their prevalence. Media violence effects do not show immediately, causing our society to be disinterested. Children under the age of eight do not easily differentiate fiction and the real world (Media Education Foundation). Young children are vulnerable, and their inability to accurately distinguish reality from fiction is one of the main culprits in why fictionalized violence being shown to children is dangerous. As members of families and communities, we must make an impact ourselves through leadership. In 2014, a publication was released where 5,147 fifth graders and parents were surveyed and analyzed to determine whether physical aggressiveness increased with media violence exposure. This study headed by Tumaini R. Coker (MD, MBA) showed partial correlation coefficients of 0.17 for television, 0.15 for music, and 0.14 for video games for aggression in children (Academic Pediatrics, Volume 15, Issue 1). These correlation coefficients show “the strength of this association of media violence may be at least as important as that of other factors with physical aggression in children, such as neighborhood violence, home violence, child mental health, and…

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