Research Paper On Media Violence

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Media Violence Adolescents and teens made up over ten percent of the U.S. population in 2005, but were responsible for almost thirty percent of the single-offender and about forty percent of multiple-offender violent crimes (Escobar-Chavez). Statistics like these leave people wondering what is going wrong with the youth in America. The youth of today have already received a bad reputation from older generations. There are many suggestions as to why the youth are doing such heinous things. Some say it is lack of respect, violence they are exposed to, or the way they are raised. The violence the youth experience is the one talked about most often. A lack of respect for others and not being raised in a healthy environment can increase the …show more content…
Children who watch more violent shows will tend to be more aggressive adults. Parents and teachers are concerned with the increase in violence in cartoons. Parents need to pay attention to the content and ratings of the cartoons there children watch. Some parents do not monitor the cartoons for young children because they take for granted that the cartoons will be appropriate. The supporters of this claim say that violence is a learned trait and many learn it through the shows they watch. There is also another side to this argument. Some people say that kids will always be kids and always try karate moves and hit whether or not they are exposed to television violence. The cartoons serve as an outlet for children to release from the real world and use their imagination. Acting out these cartoons give the children power and importance at a time in their life when they do not have power in the real world ("The Effects of Violence in Children Cartoons"). The childhood of children is usually what shapes their life outlook and the lifestyles they will live for the rest of their lives. Parents may be hindering the child’s future inadvertently by allowing them to watch television violence at young …show more content…
There is no certainty that television violence and video game violence are increasing the chances of people committing violent crimes like assault and murder. It is very difficult to determine if media violence will affect children, because you cannot predict which kid it will affect the most. There are children who are exposed to large amounts of violence and they do not show any signs of aggression in psychology tests, but there are others who do. Dr. Rich Hill says that the general public should not be worried about the hostility from media violence as much as they should be worried with the desensitization because children claim to be more comfortable with violence after seeing it a few times. Hill used the example of sexting to compare media violence. Sexting was a big scare for people and eventually started to decline after a few years. The teens finally realized that it gets the in trouble and it can be hurtful to people. Teens and adolescents who care about their society are learning not to do these things and are maturing (Miller). Advocates for media violence are trying to reduce the media violence at a very broad spectrum, rather than work with the individual. It cannot be reduced at a high level unless the children understand that it is harmful to them. People are all different and you do not know how each person

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