The Effects Of Media On Children 's Health Essay

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Thesis: The omnipresence of media, television, computers, and other forms of technology in children 's lives today is supplanting the outdoor recreation children need to develop successfully and achieve optimum health. Overexposure to technology deprives children of outdoor recreational opportunities and inhibits the development of social skills, stunts intellectual growth, and contributes to poor health and the obesity epidemic in today 's youth.
Summary: Over the past two decades, the prevalence of media and technology has increased at an exponential rate. Computers, video games, the Internet, television, and social media are now an integral (and virtually unavoidable) aspect of today 's culture. Children are particularly affected by media and technology as they have grown up surrounded by smart phones, computers, and other devices. Some exposure to technology is beneficial because it allows children to develop the technical skills they will need in their future academic and professional careers. However, the sedentary and reclusive lifestyle resulting from overexposure to technology is negatively affecting children 's health. The rate of childhood obesity, for example, has grown concurrently with the rise of technology. Since 1980, the rate of obesity among children and teenagers has tripled, and the prevalence of obesity is expected to continue to increase.
This obesity epidemic is largely the consequence of a lack of physical activity. Instead of playing outside with…

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