Essay about The Effects Of Drugs And Illegal Drugs

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Being physically and psychologically impaired, whether it’s a depressant such as alcohol, or a stimulant such as amphetamines, is the most dangerous and deadliest aspects anyone under the influence can endure. Legal drugs and illegal drugs have a great effect on a person’s perception and consciousness. Psychedelic drugs, like marijuana affect thinking and reactions. Opioid pain medications and other psychoactive drugs have similarities; it even becomes addictive after a built of tolerance. Almost every night, an adult or teen is killed by a drunk driver or under the influence drug driver every minute or so. A majority of car related tragedies result from drunk driving. A variety of other influences, such as misuse of prescription or illegal drugs can result in car crashes as well. People now call that drug driving. Incidents that happen daily mostly involve alcohol as the main contributor, but drugs have been noted to cause varies of accidents as well. Too much of a certain drug can alter mood, behavior, and distort sensory. Driving under the influence has fluctuated over the past few decades, once rising at an epidemic rate; to now slowly decreasing. Even though drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel is still a widespread issue, drug driving is slowly becoming just as widespread as drunk driving. Not many stories about drug driving has been reported, but they’re becoming known as recent studies have proved and even showed with experimental videos, using drugs and…

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