Essay on The Effect Of Medical Television On Our Lives

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For a long time after my father’s death I could not tolerate things that reminded me of hospitals—the semi-sweet aromas of rubber gloves or cleaning solution, the sounds of a ventilator in a song, tape on human skin. Medical TV shows were definitely out of the question. I thought that if I could push the reminders away, the situation would be easier. And whether or not that was true, I did it out of necessity. With time, the intensity these effects waned, but a clearer, lasting impact became evident. The real change was an emotional one. Paradoxically, I found myself feeling lucky. I felt lucky for the 17 years I did have with my father, and for the constant unwavering love and support I had and still have from my mother. I felt lucky to be white and male and living in a country where opportunity didn’t have to just be a dream. I felt lucky to have inherited and embraced my parents’ drive and ambition. The same qualities that brought my family to the United States in 1994 are those that have pushed me to where I am now, vying for yet another incredible privilege—the experience of being a medical doctor. Though I do not have first hand experience, my time spent shadowing and volunteering in a clinic has provided me with some insight into what it means to be a physician. While discussing his perspective with me, my mentor, Dr. Patrick Archie, expressed numerous times that the workload is very high and that maintaining one’s own health can be difficult at times. I am…

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