The Effect Of Blood On Body Weight Essay

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About eight percent of the adult 's body weight is made of blood. Blood is classified usaually as one of the connective tissues. The main functions of blood are to transport, for protection and regulation. Blood transports gases, nutrients, waste products, and hormones. As far as protection, blood has several roles in inflammation such as white blood cells that fight infections, antibodies and other proteins destroy pathogenic substances and platelet factors initiate blood clotting and help minimise blood loss. Bloods third function is to regulate, pH by interacting with acids and bases. Blood also regulates water balance by transferring water to and from tissues. The two main components of are plasma, a clear extracellular fluid and formed elements, which are made up of the blood cells and platelets. All formed elements are tiny fragments of bone marrow cells; erythrocytes (RBCs), leukocytes (WBCs), and platelets. The proteins in the blood are called plasma proteins, seven percent of plasma is composed of proteins and looks like a pale yellow liquid. A few functions of plasmsa protein include, maintaing fluid, performs the important function of clotting, responds with inflammation, and maintains acid base balance. Erythrocytes also known as red blood cells are the most abundant and contain hemoglobin which carry oxygen through the body. Red blood cell is a biconcave disc, measuring about six to eight micrometers in diameter with an average thickness of two micrometers.…

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