History Of The Zea Family Lineage

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Zea Family Lineage Essay Before you begin to read what I have written I would like to thank the most caring and kind grandparents anyone could ask for. Giving me this opportunity to earn your support and at the same time learn about the lineage of the Zea family. I am extremely grateful for the chance to delve into a history I am most certainly unaware of.

A long time before my Great Grandfather, Lawrence Dale Zea, and his sisters Louise and Lucille, and brother Kenny lived in Illinois the Zea family lineage began in New York. Our lineage spawns from hard working laborers in an unknown town in New York.

My great-great-great-grandfather, George Washington Zea, was born in New York on December 10, 1854 to Sylvester Zea and Margaret Maria
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From the beginning Streeter had intentions to steal the land. In reality Streeter was not really a captain of the boat, he was a salesman, the owner of a traveling circus, a logger, and a miner. After his first wife left him he saw opportunity to transport guns to Latin America but fuel was expensive so he sought out opportunity in Chicago. Streeter lied about his discovery of “District of Lake Michigan” in 1886 by referencing a map from 1821 that showed his “District” was outside of City limits. Weather reports from the night he claimed his boat crashed showed no report of a storm. In 1902 in a land fraud trial exposed that Streeter had set out originally to fight for claims of wealthy shoreline owners lands. And found that Streeter’s title for the land was “a clumsy forgery” with signatures that mismatched with records. Streeter purposed piloted his ship to the shoreline and got N.K. Fairbank to allow him to leave it there for years arguing that he had the title to the shoreline (forged) and even sold lots of land that he didn’t even own. In 1893 police removed Streeter and his boat from Fairbank’s land but Streeter then moved to the Tremont Hotel where he continued selling shoreline property that belonged to Fairbank and the Chicago Title and Trust Company. Streeter tricked people into believing his story or believing he had the land grants to the entire shoreline. Streeter staged invasions that made it …show more content…
Zea, Lawrence Irwin Zea led a life of military excellence. Lawrence I. Zea served in both World War 1 and World War 2. He registered for the draft in Denison City as First Ward. And on July 4 1917 was one of the brave recruits to join their company at Ida Grove Company B, 2nd Iowa Infantry. As part of the army he went to France to fight and serve. Later on he joined the Navy in hopes of going to Pearl Harbor, yet never actually went but was stationed in Shawnee Oklahoma. While in the service Lawrence Irwin Zea served as Military police. His vast experience in the military and extensive family back at home proved to be the most ideal values this world has ever seen. The dedication and virtue these young men had at heart is what made this country great. He served as city marshall in Iowa Ames his daughter, Ruby Lois Zea recalls his motto was “God, Family, and Country and in that order”. It is truly inspiring to see how dedication within his work played into his daily

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