The Earth Is Beautiful And Precious Essay

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The Earth is beautiful and precious, but its beauty can mask unaware people of the deep wounds below its surface. Like humans, this planet has its own unique flaws. In this case, the Earth suffers from scars that are continually getting deeper. As the world’s water basins, rivers, creeks and other freshwater sources are depleting by the gallons, it appears that water scarcity is no trivial wound. With its inhabitants’ lives at stake on this beautifully sad world, they need its tears to survive. Its puddle of teardrops is a vital necessity and more people should be aware of it importance. Fresh, unpolluted and uncontaminated water is essential to individuals living across the world; water is necessary to carry out their daily lives and activities. Without it, it can lead to serious health problems, nonetheless death. Since water scarcity is a major and global issue that prevents people’s usage, it is highly essential to conserve the limited supply of freshwater. This problem can’t be masked and the fact that the ever-growing demand of fresh water supply would not be decreasing anytime in the near future.
Are you thirsty? Now, that’s a problem with a cause and effect! In this case, water scarcity is mainly influenced from the industrialization of agriculture that on slot of pollution level and population growth. According to David Molden from the Comprehensive Assessment, states a vast volume (70%) of water is drained for agricultural needs that includes food production…

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