What Is The Importance Of Water Essay

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Water is a transparent, odourless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen freezing at 30°F or 0°C and boiling at 212°F or 100°C, that in a more or less impure state constitutes rain, oceans, lakes, rivers etc; it contain 11188% of hydrogen and 88.812% of oxygen by weight. (Dictionary.com) The Earth is surrounded by 70% of water, however, that 70% is composed of salt water and fresh water. The salt water is made up of 97% and fresh water is 3%. 2% of the fresh water is frozen up in glaciers and ice caps and 1% is actually what we have today according to
Water is necessary for maintaining an adequate food supply and a productive environment for human beings, animals, plants and microbes worldwide (Pimentel et al., 2004). Water has
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Without water, Jane and her family would be at a higher risk of infection to their health because the lack of water causes huge sanitation issues. Water is indeed essential for food, so this will result in constant hunger, thirst and low quality of life. For good living standards, water is the key quality, this can result in poverty life. If children have no access to water they would not be able to attend a school which they will then be unsuccessful according to the Effects of Water Scarcity.
Jane realised that the world will become huge dessert in the near future to come. The limited water is no water that will be available will not be enough for the whole world. The climate change will also be a reason for the limited availability of the water supply. All the lakes, rivers, canals etc will be completely dried up because the water has become stressed.
Jane now has to be prepared for this upcoming disaster that is approaching. She is using the water she has at the moment in moderation. She only uses the right amount she needs to take care of the
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Day by day more and more persons are not getting access to fresh water, so I believe that the 1.1 billion men, women and children who have no access to fresh water according to the U.N will increase in the future.
If there isn’t enough water to support the human population then it will have a water scarcity which is “the volumetric abundance of water supply which then leads to water stress. Water stress is the ability or lack thereof, to meet the human and ecological demand of water” (Schulte, 2014). This is because the rivers and lakes are drying up and it would not be able to support the human population. Pollution can also cause the river and lakes to be unusable because of the fertilisers and pesticides that come from farms, industries and human wastes that enter the water.
If this continues the more and more of the little water that is left for use will be contaminated and therefore not be able to consume. Agriculture also plays an important role in water scarcity, since most of the earth’s water is used for agricultural purposes. Most of this agricultural water is wasted through leakage in irrigation. Therefore using all this water will also cause the drying out of the rivers and lakes. The more the human population grows, the more fresh water is needed to sustain life. With the lack of fresh alter that is available in the world today, there would not be enough to supply for

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