What Is The Importance Of Water?

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Water is the most common substance in nature. It is everywhere. From space, our Earth appears blue because water takes up to two-thirds of the planet’s surface. It is one of the most important and irreplaceable resources of the world. Sometimes humans do not even realize the importance of water in their lives. Each one of us consumes daily an average of about 300 liters of water. And what we do with it? How much water can we drink per day? How much we use for cooking and hygiene? These all combine we definitely do not use 300 liters. Then what happened to the rest of the water? It is just gone because of human neglect. Because, people think water is granted to us forever. For this reason, we do not and we cannot imagine what kind of place …show more content…
Instead, I will put on deodorant and cologne to avoid unpleasant smells. Brushing teeth in the most important one, I do not know what I will do without brushing my teeth. I may not even attend my classes on that day. I will feel very uncomfortable being among the people. However this is how people in various parts of Africa live like.
Second hour: Dining hall will not be able to serve food that day, because without the water they are unavailable to cook and to clean the dishes. Instead, I will buy few snacks. Not having an actual meal will affect me and my day a lot. My day does not go well when I am hungry. In order to call my stomach I will eat many fruits and unfried food that will not make me thirsty.
Third hour: I am hungry and “dirty” because there is no water. I am getting thirsty and I have nothing to drink. I will eat a lot of watermelon to avoid my thirst. Watermelon is juicy and it kills thirst. I have experienced this in my life time already. Past summer when I was out of clean drinking water at my house, I use to it a lot of watermelon which surprisingly helped.
Fourth hour: I am unavailable to use the restroom as well. To avoid the restroom use, I will stop eating for few hours. This is not good for human health, but I got no other

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