Water Cycle Essay Conclusion

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Human population is rapidly growing throughout the world, and just within a time span of five years, the world’s population has shot from 7.3 billion people to the current 7.9 billion people. The effect of this exponential population growth on water and water sources can be taken in two different perspectives, but both calls for urgent remedy before the situation gets out of hand. One is the high demand for clean water for human consumption and secondly, is the severe encroachment of water sources by humans in such for settlement and economic activities thereby disrupting the natural water cycle (Jury & Vaux, 2005).

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If human beings are ever to get an understanding and insight to water conditions, problems and possible solution, the knowledge of water cycle is indispensable. Water on earth is usually on a journey from ground to the surface to the atmosphere while changing form from liquid to vapor to solid (Held & Soden, 2006). All the different life forms depend on the state of the water cycle, and any interruption causes significant harm to the natural existence of these life forms. The processes involved in water cycle include; precipitation, evaporation, condensation, and melting. The water cycle is affected by various environmental, climatic changes, such as increasing global temperature, changes in the wind pattern. These environment conditions thereby affect, the level of water entrapped in solid form, the rising ocean level and the prevalence of rainfall; which directly affect the availability of water to the population (Huntington, 2006). References
Held, I. M., & Soden, B. J. (2006). Robust responses of the hydrological cycle to global warming. Journal of Climate, 19(21),

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