The Importance Of Water And Waste

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Water and Waste
You have all heard that you should conserve water but this may seem odd depending on where you live. In an arid place like the southwestern United States it seems logical to conserve water, but in the Great Lakes region where water appears to be abundant, people are also encouraged to save water. Why are even those with an excess of annual rainfall being encouraged to conserve water?
“Water shapes the surface of our planet, and it provided the medium in which life began” (Trefil, 2013, p. 394). Water needs to be conserved in each state and throughout different areas because level waters are dropping. The need we have for water is crucial when it comes to survival for both our ecosystems and our societies. The agriculture industry and our own personal needs result in us using around thousands of gallons of water for daily consumption. When supplies of ground water are being reduced, on top of pollution contaminating other water resources, there becomes a shortage of fresh water available to us. This is a cause for concern soon in our future. “Much less than 1 percent of Earth’s water is readily available for human use” (Trefil, 2013, p. 396). Therefore, such high demands are placed on societies
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There could be convenient drop-off locations or if a person has any unused pharmaceutical and care pollutants left over, they should be able to bring back the remaining items to their doctor so it can be disposed of properly. Many animals are also affected by the pharmaceutical and care pollutants that are discarded. I think that we should handle it through prevention. Educate people on what happens to our water supply when we dispose of things in the wrong way. Tell them about the dangers that are out there in regards to our water supply by it being contaminated. One day the water we drink can have an effect on us due to the pollutants within the water

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