Essay on The Driving Down The Road

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You are driving down the road, and you get a text from one of your friends. You look down to read the text. After you finish reading, you look up and you are in the other lane. You over correct yourself out of fear, and you crash into a tree on the side of the road. National Safety Council said, “More than one in four car crashes involves cell phone use.” People are dying every day due to careless acts of looking at a text for a second or talking with others on the phone.They are easily distracted and cannot focus all their attention on the roadwith a phone in their hand. Hand-held cell phone use in cars should be against the law for those reasons and more.Not only does hand-held phone usage affect the person driving, but it also affects other people on the road. “Christopher was a passenger in the car, his cousin was driving.” His cousin was texting while driving, and she got distracted. Christopher was badly injured, and he was put on life support. He was taken off of life support and died. He was not driving, but his life was changed due to his cousin’s decision to text and drive.This is just one of hundreds of lives that have been affected due to other people’s choice to use a cell phone while driving.Texting while driving is one of the main causes of car crashes that people hear about, but talking on a cellular device while driving can be just as dangerous. ABC News reports an accident caused by talking on a cell phone while driving, “Police say Karen Morris, 34, was…

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