Essay on The Dimensions Of Quality Care

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Dimensions of Quality Care
Elizabeth Mahan
HCA 340 Managing in Health & Human Services
Instructor: Susan Vallek
December 5, 2016

Final Project Outline/ Annotated Bibliography
Identify the topic/Introduction
In health care, one can argue that quality is the degree in which health services for individuals are increased with the intention of a promising prognosis for everyone. Quality measurement plays a role in outcomes of healthcare, healthcare costs for all stakeholders, and consumer information and choice. While quality care is the goal for all healthcare professionals, it is important to present how strategic planning, performance improvement, and information systems are interrelated and fundamental to the delivery of quality health care.
Strategic Planning and Strategic Management
The text, The essentials of managing in the healthcare industry, Describes strategic planning as a plan that integrates organizational goals into a course of action. The planning process includes analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of and for the organization. Also, part of the process is to generate strategic alternatives as healthcare is a dynamic group due to external and intrinsic factors thus, must expect change to an original plan. Strategy evaluation and choice is necessary so that the management team can evaluate whether the plan is appropriate. Lastly, the team should implement the plan along with strategic management (Baack & Fischer, 2013).…

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