The Debate Over Higher Education Essay

1524 Words Jul 5th, 2016 null Page
Higher education has been in the new a lot recently. Steadily increasing college tuition rates have been sending many parents and potential college graduates into a quagmire. Student debt for many people are dragging them down for years or even decades after completing college degrees. This is a clear and obvious problem affecting our country, but how do we fix this? A radical yet popular opinion is to make colleges free and debtless. This idea has existed for years, but the current presidential race has brought it to the forefront of American politics. The idea is optimistic, innovative, and is potential game changing, but will it actually work? Higher education in American is so diverse and evolving that the likelihood of this plan working is low. Free higher education will ultimately result in the fall of American education in quality, careers, and put increased pressure on an already stressed government system.
Both sides like to use costs in justifying their position, but in the end, only one side can fully support higher education costs. The annual tuition cost for your average, in state, public college student hovers around ten thousand dollars, with private and out of state colleges ballooning much higher. Is the government capable of paying those costs? Many people claim that the government can handle the current cost of public colleges, but that fails to account for the future (Kelly). College enrollment is still on the rise, and would explode if the whole system…

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