The Debate Over Cell Phones Essay

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The Debate About Cell Phones In Class
“Clearly, 60 and 40 are not where we want to be. We have a lot of work left to do...but we’ve seen a lot of improvements in the teaching, the learning, the school operations, and we’ve seen technology play a part in, in all the success” ("Cellphones In School Quotes"). Cell Phones help students succeed in school and they would help teachers succeed in their teaching as well. Cell Phones are a great resource for learning. They would help the students learn more efficiently. Although if cellphones were allowed in class students could be texting instead of working, but in the United States students should be allowed to have cell phones with them in class.
Historically, cell phones were not allowed in class and now students want to have them in class for learning. If students were told when they have to put away their cell phones they would be less tempted to use them in class (De Vise). The students would understand that they have to put away their cell phones. If they understood then they would not use them in class. Students do not like when teachers take away cell phones and teachers think it is a nuisance (Lambert). Teachers do not like taking away phones any more than students like them getting taken away. It would be a lot nicer if students were not upset and teachers were not either just over cell phones.
Students and teachers are sick of the cell phone ban, everyone wants cell phones to be allowed in class.
One reason why students…

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