Essay about The Death Penalty Is Wrong

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Murder is wrong. Since childhood we have been taught this indisputable truth. Ask yourself, then, what is capital punishment? In its simplest form, capital punishment is defined as one person taking the life of another. Coincidentally, that is the definition of murder. As of todat there are tirty six states with the death penalty, and thereneeds to be a change. These states need to abolish it on the grounds that it carries a dangerous risk of punishing the innocent, is unethical and barbaric, and is an ineffective deterrent of crime versus the alternative of life in prison without parole.

Capital punishment is the most ¬irreparable crime governments perpetrate without consequence, and it must be abolished. Ithink my father said it best whe he said “We’re only ¬human, we all make mistakes,”. Humans, as a species, are famous for their mistakes even the creation of human beings can be traced to a mistake by either adam or eve. However, in the case of the death penalty, error becomes too dangerous a risk. The innocent lives that have been taken with the approval of our own government should be enough to abolish capital punishment.

According to Amnesty International, “The death penalty legitimizes an irreversible act of violence by the state and will inevitably claim innocent victims.” If there is any chance that error is possible (which ¬there always is), the drastic measure of capital ¬punishment should not be taken. Also, it is too final, meaning it does not allow…

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