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The Lethal Injection
Capital punishment has been a heated debate for a long time. Capital punishment is a system where prisoners who committed grave crimes that usually involve either mass murder or rape are sentenced to die to either give retribution for the heinous act committed and to deter other criminals from doing the same or similar crimes against humanity. This can be carried out from a variety of ways but, the only common one that is used currently is lethal injection. The lethal injection is a three step process that results in the death of the criminal being executed. The first drug causes the victim to fall unconscious after the drug reaches the brain in 30 seconds. The second drug is a muscle relaxant that allows the third drug
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Haag, a sociologist, wrote an extensive explanation on why the death penalty would help deter criminals from committing crimes. He has stated that the death penalty may be the only way to keep some people from committing crimes. He has said that this will help reduce the number of victims to crimes such as murder and rape. Haag also feels that if the punishments for a crime is raised then the desire to commit a crime is quickly diminished.
I agree with Haag. I feel that if we do implement a universal system for capital punishment then we can reduce crime rates for horrible crimes such as serial murders and serial rape. This system would act as a deterrent for anyone thinking of committing this act more than the current option of jailing them for life would be. I also feel that if we have any chance to spare any victims of these crimes we should take it and deter those who will react to this system of punishment.
Blecker, an advocate for the death penalty, feels that life in prison ends up being a punish for criminals who committed crimes much lesser than a murder or a rape. He also feels that we shouldn't use the lethal injection as an execution method. He instead feels that a better method to execute criminals is to use a firing squad. He felt that using a lethal injection was too humane from the caliber of criminals they were dealing with. He feels that the lethal injection is an attempt to shroud the fact that this is an

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