The Death Of The Beach Essay

1006 Words Sep 29th, 2015 null Page
I wake to the sound of waves. I open my eyes to have the sunlight blinding me.
It took about two seconds for me to realize I was in my seat my airplane seat. The seat looked like it kept me from face-planting into the sand. Looking around, I see the sea and a forest. My head felt like it had its own heartbeat. I thought about exactly what had happened, I had been on a flight home after visiting a foreign country when we had hit some strange turbulence causing us to crash right into the ocean. At least I thought we crashed into the ocean. I unbuckled his seat felt causing him to fall into the sand. I kept a mental note that his reaction time was way off and it seems my body reacted slower. Walking along the shore I knew for one this would be about survival. Bending down I saw what looked like different parts of the wreck down the side of the beach. During the hour of scavenging I found a couple suitcases full of clothes and had some medicine also found the medkit to the plane. Before I knew it it was night time. As I went to grab a suitcase he heard the sound of paws he climbed onto where the part of the plane that kept him off the ground. pulling his last leg up he felt his skin tear as a mid sized horned boar attacked. I cursed looking at my leg it had somehow shown my bone. The boar stayed where it was it looked hungry for my blood. I was losing blood and needed a solution grabbing a piece of plane shrapnel. I swung at the boar and made contact causing the boar to flee.…

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