The Day Of The Woods Essay

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You and your mom ended up having to spend the night in the woods because of your mothers hoard planing since when you both left it was already late the rest of the next day was spent hiking once more you don’t remember having to walk this far to get to his house By the time you got there you were spent and out of breath your mom on the other hand was fine leaving you to wonder how she had all that stamina your hike was peace full enough if you weren’t being forced here against your will then you’d love to stay out here the forest was beautiful full of lush greenery going up the creaky steps you took in the house you would stay in for the summer... Or worst cause scenario the rest of your life or until you learn how to drive a car which you doubt your uncle would teach you the door opened showing a frizzy brown haired man with a beard he could definitely use a comb or something to tame his hair he squinted at you as your mother pushed you forward “hello Henry i bet your wondering why we’re here” your eyes went wide she didn’t even tell him that you’d be staying here as if reading your thoughts she said “i would’ve given you a heads up but since there no phones out here i had to meet you in person” she did not just say what you thought she said no phones seriously did she want you dead he only huffed staring her down his gaze didn’t seem to faze her she ruffled your hair “i need you to look after Eleanor for a little bit okay” he turned his steely gaze to you no emotion…

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