The Day Of Class Mr. Lee Essay

1000 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
When I first walked into room 110 of South Anchorage High School I had no idea what was in store for me. On the very first day of class Mr. Lee Butterfield informed us that this course would be extremely challenging and he had planned to push us all to our limits. He accomplished this, but in a way that was very rewarding in the end. Never in my life had I ever enjoyed or appreciated reading and writing. Little did I know this would be the year that would change everything. A few weeks into the school year Mr. Butterfield informed us that we would be starting to learn Shakespeare. Our class would be working specifically on the tragedy titled “MacBeth”. We immediately began to grown at the idea of reading page after page of words we absolutely couldn’t comprehend. To our relief, he announced that we wouldn’t have to read the play word for word, but we would all act it out as a class. Throughout the tragedy we were all excited because we understood what was happening in the play and we were able to enjoy Shakespeare for the first time in our lives. This fun and relaxed environment made it so much easier to learn and appreciate the content. The laid back environment carried over into the next big assignment we worked on when we were asked to write research papers. I know what you are thinking, a research paper? That sounds awful! Well, we all thought that initially as well. Despite our opening perception that this assignment was going to be terrible, we were all excited…

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