Should Romeo And Juliet Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Mya Gordon

Mr. Harragian

English 9 (Essay)

15 May 2016

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is classified as one of the most popular and best-selling stories worldwide. According to, “William Shakespeare 's world renowned Romeo and Juliet (written sometime between 1591 and 1595) stands in the historical record as one of the greatest love stories ever is a lot of differences on a story told many times from the fourteen hundreds onwards…borrowed from poets as far back as ancient Greece.” There is much debate in high school english classrooms, school districts across the country, and professional literary journals, regarding the importance of teaching Shakespeare’s plays, especially the tragedies, to high
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FINAL, by Elizabeth Trakhman, she explains the importance of high school English teachers including classic literature in the curriculum. She states, “Romeo and Juliet being taught in schools could be very helpful to students. There are multiple benefits, such as increased skill in understanding text based on context clues and practice in understanding a complex plot, to reading the play in class” (Www.elizabethtrakhman). Trakhman expresses that students can develop their skills in comprehending what they read based on reading and studying classic literature, especially paying close attention to text they do not understand, and looking at context clues to figure out what the text means. Also, it gives students practice in looking at a complex plot and being able to explain what the plot is and who the main characters are. Often on tests, students are asked to read a paragraph and pick out the main idea, who is speaking, and the meaning of the paragraph. What is the main idea of the paragraph or …show more content…
In the article titled Why Do We Force Students to Read Shakespeare? Rajat Bhageria speaks against the importance of Shakespeare’s plays in today’s high school classrooms. He feels that there is no connection between the importance of reading the plays and getting a job in the real world and achieving goals. Bhageria states:

The governmental officer may argue that Shakespeare is essential to understanding the literary influences of modern English, or that reading Hamlet helps students appreciate literary devices, or even something more absurd along the lines of “we’ve always done it, and it seems to work, so why not continue?” But what scientific evidence is there that reading Shakespeare helps students in the modern age survive the work environment, live without government aid, and achieve familial goals? Very little....

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