English 101 Reflection

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My first semester at Nicholls State University has led to some major changes to me as a person. The class I had taken have had an impact whether it was positive or negative. One of the classes that all freshman must take is English 101. While enrolled in English 101, I was forced to rethink the writing process. While I had thought about writing in a different way, my personal writing style had stayed mainly the same because by the end of the year, I was still the apathetic writer who had procrastinated all throughout high school. I have learned many new writing techniques while taking English 101. Some of the techniques that we were taught seemed very different and interesting, such as the Rogerian Argument, something I never learned …show more content…
The narrative project had taught us that within stories of people’s lives there are lessons and points that can be taken by the reader to hopefully deliver a final message that the writer passes on to the reader through their essay. This writing format and style of paper is something I had not experienced until my first semester at Nicholls. The profile paper gave students a chance to get a glimpse into someone else’s life that we had not previously known before our English 101 class. We were then told to turn this information we had gathered from our classmate and turn it into a way that we could express what certain group that a person belonged to and just through one person, we could characterize an entire group of people. Lastly, the Argument paper was an unexpected lesson. The argument part of the paper consisted of a clear view of all sides of a controversial topic. The new format we had learned, The Rogerian Argument, was something that broadened our horizons in writing styles. All the techniques learned during English 101 gave me the chance to improve as a writer. While my physical writing style and process may have stayed the same, the knowledge I had gained created better writing opportunities for the

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