Essay The David Franklin Jr.

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Lonnie David Franklin Jr. was most commonly known as the Grim Sleeper or least commonly called one of the [many] Southside Slayers. Born August 30th, 1952 the Grim Sleeper’s past could not be more ominous. Aside from a lack of details of his mysterious past that may hint at reasons as to why Lonnie Franklin terrorized Southern Los Angeles for more than twenty years, he appeared fairly normal to his neighbors and surrounding family members. Serial killer Lonnie Franklin had a long career before he was ever caught, in fact it was DNA evidence that both caught Franklin and was actually one of the primary reasons as to why he wasn’t apprehended sooner. Franklin has yet to be executed and still more can be learned from his years of freedom when he committed acts of murder and more. Though his history is blurry and list of possible victims a bit of a mess as to this day investigators are not entirely sure how many victims he actually killed or mutilated in some way, shape, or form.
Lonnie Franklin Jr. was born in Los Angeles, and appears to have lived in California his whole life. Franklin is married with two children, and besides his general discharge from the army, appears to have lived a fairly normal life. It is believed that during the highpoint of his killings he worked as a garbage collector for the Department of Sanitation. (Pelisek, 2016)
Everything about this man seemed normal; from his fairytale house (including rooms for his grandchildren) to his picture perfect…

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