Dred Scott Issue Of Rights Essay

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An Issue of Rights Has there ever been a time in your life where people have questioned the choices you

made? Or ever told you that you had no right or freedom to say or do something? Well the issues

of rights and freedom were the central points surrounding the Dred Scott case. There was a

controversy about the rights that slaves had; and Dred Scott challenged his owner in the court

system to take an in depth look at the freedoms that slaves should have. During the late 1800’s,

this case played an enormous role in the politics.

Dred Scott was born in Virginia, where he became s slave to Peter Blow. At this time,

since Dred Scott was born into slavery, he was considered property. During the 1800’s slaves,

whether born into
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The Dred Scott case reminds people the why the balance of powers

was given to us and to look if the Supreme Court overstepped their boundaries.

The purpose of the Supreme Court is to interpret the law based on the Constitution of the

United States and any other documents that deal with the law of the land. The Dred Scott case is

one that is difficult to decipher whether the court overstepped its boundaries due to the

circumstances surrounding the issue. For example, there were a couple of instances, in which

Dred Scott could have become free, but never did. His lack of pursuit for freedom was a result of

poor education. Due to his lack of education, it makes it difficult for one to bring up the that he

should have tried to be free earlier because he probably did not know his rights. Also the fact that

“eleven years later the United States Supreme Court, by a vote of 7-2, rejected Scott’s claim.”

The fact that they overturned a decision that was made eleven years ago would lead me to

believe that the Supreme Court had overstepped their boundaries. Also, as stated by Justice

Samuel Nelson, “It must be admitted that Congress possesses no power to regulate or
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The issues posed in the Dred Scott case were just a couple of reasons as to why the Civil

War started; and was probably the greatest reasons to the Civil War. The issue of slavery was

one that the South relied heavily on, but the vast majority, if not all, of the North wanted to get

rid of slavery. The Southern states held the view that the blacks were never meant to be

considered citizens, but the Northern states would argue that according to the Constitution we are

all equal. Abraham Lincoln became president at this time and proposed that we as a nation

needed to stand together because “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Abraham

Lincoln tells the people of the United States that if they are divided against themselves then they

cannot stand together, but rather they will fall. Without the Dred Scott case, there would have

been no proponent the rights of blacks. This case “came to symbolize the high point of racism in

American law, but it also helped lead to the adoption of the fourteenth amendment, which has

been the fountainhead of racial equality in the twentieth century.” The Dred Scott case and

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