Was The Civil War Avoidable Essay

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Jake (Allen) Primack
US History Hour 1

Why the Civil War Was Unavoidable

Did you ever think what would have happened if there was no civil war? The fact of the matter is that the civil war wasn 't avoidable because of the disagreement and hate between the North and the South. The important United States politicians each had different views and hopes for the country, which made it hard to reach a compromise without war. The country was not together at this time, rather apart and separated. If the civil war didn 't start when it did at the time, things would have gotten worse than they were before, which would have caused a war eventually. It was clear that America needed a big change. Because of the conflict between the North and South over
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These issues presented by America 's politicians impacted the country greatly as it was headed to a historic conflict. One of the many issues was the intense Lincoln-Douglas debates. The 1858 race for Illinois senator was a tight one between two very intelligent candidates. For four long months, they traveled the midwest showing their knowledge and proving their points. They argued about whether the country should remain divided, or if they should try to do everything they could to keep the nation together. Lincoln demonstrated that the compromises weren 't working, while Douglas feared that the North wouldn’t stay free. Douglas wanted to make a clear point of standing by the people, for the people. Lincoln truthfully wanted racial equality for the country, making his goal to free the slaves. Keeping some of his opinions secret, Lincoln denied this, worried that it would affect his outcome, but many still believed that he wanted to abolish slavery. This denial added controversy to the debate, also making it more interesting. As the two intelligent senators went at each other, they were adding stress and controversy to the union. In the end, Douglas won the senate, while later, after gaining much needed experience, Lincoln wound up as president of the Unite States in the midst of the civil war. As time went on, Lincoln got mixed reactions from the citizens of America …show more content…
One of the many and most major of the economic issues was that half the country defended slavery and the other half defended freedom. This conflict would be a big issue for a long period of time. The Southerners argued that slavery was "a positive good" because it generated a majority of the country’s raw goods (rice, sugar, wheat, indigo, tobacco, hemp, and, most significantly, cotton). They also claimed that it was good for the North and their industrial factories. Most of the nation relied on the agricultural production of the South, so they loved it. The South proclaimed that slavery was cheaper and developed a greater outcome of money than lots of other methods. They argued that without slavery, the countrys economy wouldn 't have been as good and they would have had to find other ways to make money. Even though it developed a lot of money, it was still not ok and was, in fact, inhumane. On the opposite end of the argument was the industrial North which defended freedom for the country. Northerners considered a free labor economy superior to plantation economy for how it helped mostly white men, ironically. The North wanted to create equal opportunities for all US citizens as the country was founded upon. They believed that with hard work and perseverance, anybody could be successful and self-dependent. The North truly believed that the country would thrive

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