The Implications Of Ambition In The Jimmy Hoffa Case

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Ambition. Many people say that ambition is a necessary trait not only to become successful, but also to overcome those with natural talent. But is it imperative? Is it ambition still when people will do all it takes to achieve it regardless of the repercussions? After all, everyone is human and will do whatever is necessary to survive even if it means ending another. This has occurred in history numerous times. Take the Jimmy Hoffa case, for example. He was one of the most influential people who brought about great change. With all the popularity and support he gained there were also those who deeply resented him. There were more than a few who engaged in ruthless acts on him to try to achieve their goals. Which only adds another dimension to the already complicated case. Though very intricate, the mystery behind Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance can be summed up in two theories, either he was cremated by …show more content…
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