Essay On Significant Leaders During The American Revolution

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Significant Leaders during the American Revolution

The American Revolution is what gained Patriots their independence from Great Britain and also gave us this beautiful country that we live in today. There were many historical people during the American Revolution however, all that information would take a plethora amount of time to explain, which I don’t have. With this in mind, I’m going to try to tell you all of the significant leaders during the American Revolution in my power. First of all, let’s start with Major General Nathanael Greene. Greene was the youngest brigadier general in the continental army (Logan). Greene became close friends with the commander-in-chief,
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Evidence from the website to aid this statement, “When Lafayette learned of the struggle of the Americans in their endeavor to secure their independence he resolved to come to the colonies to aid them in their efforts as a volunteer” ( Lafayette helped by not just leading armies, but also convincing the French to help fight in the war “Lafayette had a large role in persuading the French army to come over and help. With the French on their side the Americans were ready to go back into battle and face the British” (Pavao, J). Lafayette is one of the most recognized leaders during the revolutionary era that’s not even an …show more content…
Now most people know Franklin for his famous inventions such as the lighting rod and wood stove. However, most people don’t know that he went to Britain to spy on parliament, “He ended up being sent over to England on several occasions to spy out different things in parliament. Because of his family 's loyalty to the crown, it was not hard to get in and

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out of there without suspicion” (Pavao, J). Including with this, Franklin also helped Jefferson with the Declaration of Independence. Franklin was so in the thought of gaining independence for the colonists that he even had to throw his own son in jail, so that his son wouldn’t tell of Franklin’s plans. Textual evidence, “Right after Benjamin Franklin, as part of the Committee of Five, finished helping Thomas Jefferson edit the Declaration of Independence, he was forced to throw his own son in jail. This broke his heart, but freedom, at this time, was more important than family to him” (Pavao, J). Franklin did everything he could in achieving independence for the nation that we have

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