James Moody's Role In The American Revolution

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Everyone had a part in the American Revolution. Some men enlisted, some men worked, some men built, and some men spied. The colonies were filled with spies from 1775 and 1783, whether they were loyalists or patriots it didn't matter, each one was important. One of the most influential and important spies during the American Revolution was a loyalist named James Moody. If the British were to win the war, he would be remembered as a hero for his ability to infiltrate important information to help exploit American strategies. Even though they did not win, many remember him for his contribution during and after the War.
During the outbreak of the Revolution, James Moody was living peacefully on his father's farm in Sussex County NJ. Like many
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When compared to famous spies like Nathan Hale and Benedict Arnold, Moody surpassess both of them in missions completed. He showed his devotion and intelligence in every mission he underwent. Many people may consider Nathan Hale as the best spy from the American Revolution in 1775-1783, but he failed his only mission and after getting captured by British soldiers, he was hung. He is very well known for his documented last words that said, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." (“Patriot Nathan…”) He is also very well know only for the fact that the patriots won the war. If they had lost, I doubt people would remember the guy that tried and failed. Even though the loyalists and the British lost the American Revolution, James Moody is still remembered as the famous spy and lieutenant alongside with Benedict Arnold. Moody was awarded for his valiant efforts and ability to progress forward during tough missions such as being locked up and tortured by Benedict Arnold and his men and still being able to escape the prison and fight off the dozen guards that were on duty to watch him through the night. Moody was able to get to the source and intersect George Washington's letters himself and never gave up on his duties even though he was unsuccessful for a month. In the end it paid off and James Moody went down in British History. Most of James Moody’s success came after the war when he was assigned a lieutenant and worked in Nova Scotia with the British. But during the American Revolution, he was the most awarded and successful spy there

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