Essay on The Dangers Of Tobacco Use

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The campaign relies on connecting with individuals who have high willingness and ability to think about persuasive information. The campaign doesn’t only provide individuals with facts that need to be though through and understood, they also provide advertisements with a strong message that required the ability to think. Truth is a counter-marketing campaign. One of their goals is to attack tobacco companies through advertisements. Their advertisements places the audience in relevant scenarios, where they have to reconsider their decisions. They are also high in symbolism and in creating the fear factor through their advertisements. Overall, even though some of their advertisements are common sense and easy to understand, most required individuals to really put themselves in the different situations and think about the dangers of tobacco use.
2. Do you think this approach is effective in changing key beliefs? Why or why not? Provide at least one excellent reason, using the principles of mental state, elaboration or outcomes.
Their approach is effective in changing key beliefs because it follows a central route to persuasion or in order words, it is high watt by using the principle of mental state. The campaign pushes for high involvement by creating X profiles, signing anti-tobacco petitions, learning the facts, sharing/liking their social media posts, advocating for anti-smoking, wearing brands that are partner with Truth such as vans, supporting Truth tours, and overall…

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