The Dangers Of Texting While Behind The Wheel By James J. Bernstein

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James J. Bernstein is the author of an array of articles. Among these interesting titles, is an article pertaining to texting and driving. He text is entitled “Texting at the light and other forms of device distractions behind the wheel”. The organization who published the author’s work was BMC Public Health, along with The National Institutes of Health”. ©2015 Bernstein and Bernstein: furthermore, the purpose of the writing is to inform drivers of all ages about the dangers of texting while driving; also, the public author’s intended audience. The author’s overall claim in the article was to illustrate the dangers of texting while behind the wheel. Furthermore, the article’s weaknesses could have been improved using video recordings; however, the article’s focus was clearly distributed to the public.
The author’s name is James J. Bernstein, the gentleman is the author of an article that pertains to texting and driving. Bernstein conducted an observation of several motorist who were texting while the individuals were stopped at a light. Mr. Bernstein conducted his observation while attending the university of Pennsylvania, the scholar’s partner in the observation was Joseph Bernstein. Joseph was a clinical professor at the university. The article was published by the National Institutes of Health, which is a federally funded organization. In
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The author utilizes the use of human judgement to collect data on several individuals using his or her mobile device while driving. The author also recorded data while the drivers were stationary. The article also included the methods used to obtain the data in the observation; Furthermore, the article is about the author conducting an evaluation on drivers texting while behind the wheel of a vehicle. The author, along with a collogue record these individuals while the driver is moving and when he or she is waiting for the light

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